Short Ram Intake Kit Ford Focus RS Agency Power

  • $150.00

The Ford Focus RS intake system is very well engineered. All the factory plastic tubes have well developed air flow paths. However, there can be improvement directly at the air filter and its connecting pipe. Agency Power has designed this new short ram intake for the Ford Focus RS 2.3L EcoBoost to give you that advantage over stock. To improve the air flow, we replace the factory paper filter with an Agency Power high flow cone filter. These air filters are designed to flow more air while improving filtration over stock. The end cap of the filter has an inlet integrated to allow for air to be pulled in from all sides. One more advantage over stock is this style of filter can be reused for the life of the vehicle.

To utilize this upgraded air filter system, Agency Power developed a new intake connecting tube made from 6061 aluminum. It features a CNC machined intake temperature sensor mount and bracket for an OEM fit. The factory sensor can easily be snapped in place and locked to keep the proper readings necessary. Each intake tube is finished in a wrinkled black powdercoat for durability. All other factory components such as the intake box and induction hoses are used on this installation. The intake will allow you hear more of your turbo as you accelerate through the gears. Expect faster throttle response, quicker revs, and more torque with additional horsepower.


  • No tuning required.
  • Fits OEM air box and intake hoses.
  • Recommended to clean air filter every 5000 miles.