Carbon Fiber High Flow 3 inch Y-Pipe Kit 01-05 Porsche 996 TT | GT2 Agency Power

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One of the most popular power upgrades for the Porsche 996 Turbo, X50, GT2 has been our high flow 3 inch Y-Pipe kit. Now this same kit that has been available for years is now available in full carbon fiber! The new Y-Pipe replaces the factory unit and 70 percent of the silicone boost hoses. Designed to work with the stock style intercoolers, we include new silicone adapters and cnc machined fittings.

The new Y-Pipe reduces any possibility of pressure drop or blowing off a boost hose. As well, the Y-Pipe reduces the bend by about 45 degrees compared to stock for a straight shot to the intercooler.

Because of the shape and design, airflow is improved which equals the improvement in power. Our end goal was simple, build a product that would retain the stock airbox, flow better, use OEM parts, and look the part!

Using our Mustang all wheel drive dyno, we tested the original part on a car with 91 octane and low boost set at 1.2bar. With fans moving fresh air to the intercoolers, we did a baseline on the car and achieved a starting point of 493whp and 477ft/ lbs of torque. Leaving the car strapped to the dyno, we removed the stock Y-Pipe and bolted on the Agency Power upgraded carbon y-pipe. With everything secured in place, we fired up the car to give it a run with the new Y-Pipe. With absolutely NO changes to the cars configuration, the Y-Pipe added 21whp and 24ft/ lbs of torque to the car. This was quite an impressive bolt on gain that also added style and potential scalable performance to the car.