Agency Power Cold Air Intake Kit Porsche 970 Panamera S V8 10-16

  • $570.00

Model #AP-970-110

With such a strong V8 engine moving the Panamera S sedan, improving the air flow to the intake manifold will yield more horsepower and torque.  Whenever you increase the air flow, amazing driving characteristics come through making the start and stop more enjoyable.  With a 2011 Panamera S V8 as our test vehicle, Agency Power developed this cold air intake kit to give more roar to the 4.8L V8 engine.  It's twin tube, dual filter design comes into the Y pipe before the intake manifold.  Constructed out of 6061 aluminum, each pipe is TIG welded for a beautiful finish.  The pipes are then powdercoated to either brighten up your engine bay or keep it OEM.  Each pipe sits the custom Agency Power air filter by aFe in the fender well to really get cool air flow.  With brackets attached for sturday mounting, this kit is really the best bolt-on you can do to the Porsche Panamera V8.

Test the intake on the dyno, we were able to vastly improve the low end torque dip that was very visible even with a ECU flash.  The intake smoothed this section between 2500 and 3500 rpm which gained about 50ftlbs of torque and 40 horsepower.  The intake inconjunction with the VRTuned ECU flash gave a peak power increase of 20hp and 11ftlbs of torque to the wheels.

This product is designed to fit the Porsche Panamera S and 4S V8 engines from 10-16.  All Agency Power products come with a limited lifetime warranty when you fill out the form here.