Agency Power Boost Recirculating Valve Ford Focus RS Model #AP-FOCRS-150

  • $144.00

The Agency Power Ford Focus RS internal boost recirculating valve (BRV) is designed to help hold boost pressure all the way to redline, have boost come on stronger, and be more responsive. The factory BRV is designed with a rubber diaphragm and spring in a plastic housing.  For tuned cars, this diaphragm tends to leak or not hold boost consistently. Over time, this part can deteriorate to cause further boost failure. Agency Power has developed this new Boost Recirculating Valve for your factory turbocharger on the Ford Focus RS 2.3L EcoBoost. Its CNC machined, 6061 aluminum body features a new piston and spring design. The base that sits in the turbo has been machined to properly recirculate boost pressure between shifts. It features O-rings for the piston to move with an airtight seal. Each piston has been machined with extreme attention to tolerances to ensure boost pressure accuracy. The top of the valve mates to the base and then attaches to the turbocharger with 3 stainless steel Allen head bolts. Once assembled in the turbocharger, the system can work properly with the machined vacuum nipple attached to a pressure source. The valve is a direct replacement for the factory unit. It can be installed on the vehicle without removing the turbo from the car. Each valve has been anodized in our Agency Power smoke gray finish and features our logo laser engraved.


  • CNC 6061 Aluminum
  • Piston and Spring Design
  • Improves Boost Consistency
  • Includes Necessary Hardware



  • Ford Focus RS 2016+