Agency Power Black Throttle Body Spacer Ford Focus RS 16-17 Model #AP-FOCRS-186BL

  • $70.00

Agency Power has the best in Ford Focus RS performance products to make you go faster and handle better.  To improve your Focus RS power, Agency Power has created this new CNC machined aluminum throttle body spacer.  Machined from 6061 aluminum here in the USA, the throttle body spacer adds volume to your intake plenum.  As testing has proven, the spacer helps in cylinder filling at lower RPM's.  This also gives the Focus RS smoother throttle response, quicker turbo spool with faster boost response, and more efficient intake pulses behind the throttle body.  In addition to the performance gain, the throttle body spacer also features a 1/8 inch NPT port for those that wish to run water injection, nitrous, or other gauge instruments.


  • CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum
  • Hardware Included
  • Easy Installation
  • NPT Port Allows for Additional Functions
  • Anodized Black with Laser Etched Logo
  • Does Not Require a Re-Tune
  • Improve Performance


  • Ford Focus RS 2016+