Agency Power Billet 6x6 Wheel GT2871R Turbo Upgrade Subaru STI 04-07

  • $1,900.00

Model #AP-GT2871R-STI

Ready to upgrade the turbo in your Subaru STI?  Agency Power has this amazing OEM replacement that features a billet 6x6 wheel with a Garrett GT2871R cartridge.  This is a full turbo replacement designed to work with your Subaru STI 04-07.  The kit consists of a Garrett assembled and balanced dual ball bearing turbo cartridge which is then inserted into a set of CNC machine ported housings that have been optimized in every aspect for maximum flow and efficiency.  The Garrett GT2871R is a perfect turbo for the 2.5L engine.  If you are looking for spool that is close to stock but want enough airflow for 400+HP, this is it!  Almost all the power is available even at partial throttle. Boost recovery between gearshifts is near perfect with full boost ready even before upshift is complete. 

GT2871R Kit Includes:

  • Genuine Garrett GT2871R with specially made & machined high flow housings. 
  • Wastegate actuator & mounting bracket 
  • Included oil & water lines, fittings, mounting hardware & connectors, etc. 
  • OEM Replacement.
  • Fits Subaru STI 04-07 2.5L Engine
  • Recommended fuel components and ECU Tuning Required